Recharging the Batteries

After what can only be described as a few crazy ass weeks at work, my training had fallen by the wayside as I tried ot keep on top of the ‘important stuff’.  This leads to the question, actually what is the important stuff?  Living to work or working to live.  I am incredibly fortunate to be able to do a job I love, helping others and now working to bring events to Scotland but like anyone I can spend too much time working and nt enough time having fun, investing in myself.

So today, was absolutely magical!  My mate and I headed over to the Lomond hills for what turned out to be one of THE most blustery days ever! We headed up East Lomond hill, struggling to stand for the warm-up even.  It was straight into the hill from the car park, fairly tough going, we came upon a family who stated they nearly lost the wee ones on the top of the hill . . . eeek!

We hit the top in a burst of hail stones/ snow showers, sare ane!  Of course we had time to do the current trend of a selfie pic hahaha.  The views were epic, looking around, truly a beautiful location on a day you could stand up straight.  We headed down the other side, much steeper than the car park side.  I took off with Karen screaming in the back ground about falling on her arse  We made it in one piece!

We headed toward Craigmeade car park which sits between the two hills, this was a much flatter run, undulating.  Naturally, as an OCR racer, looking into the forest exhilirated me – I just cannot look at woods and trees in the same light!

As we crossed the car park, we agreed we were heading toward the waterfalls as we didnt have enough time to do the other hill and the waterfalls.  What a choice this was to be . . .

I didn’t really take in the fact that we were on a predominantly downhill section, it was great, free-rolling down.  Giving Karen some tips as we went about how to take on the down sections.  We found the amazing waterfalls, being in these surroundings, this is what brings me alive – THIS is why I wanted to begin running.  Why?

Because this is freedom, this is not running, its energy, beauty, amazing, to be surrounded by something larger!

Climbing amongst the hills, designing future training runs and opportunities, sooo exciting.  We stopped and took some pictures because it would be rude not to.  Karen did some climbing, grannies should know better eh?!

Now, we had to go back uphill, it was a tough first run but the aim is always keep moving, put one foot in front of the other.  The climb back up the east Lomond hill was brutal if I am being honest as a first run back into the fol.  As soon as I hit the top I could barely move, the wind was vicious.

What a fantastic way to bring it all back and remember why I train!  For my sanity, to de-stress, to feel alive again.

Get out there folks!

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