Monkeying Around

I have just been for my second bouldering session with Sally from Moir Adventure Fitness, Sally specialises in fitness for climbers!  I love getting my teeth into a new activity, it really challenges the mind and the body in equal amounts, there is nothing I like more than being challenged to the point where its not too far out of my reach, just tantilisingly there .  .  .  .  you know just beyond your reach!

Climber dangling from a rope.

As I was walking to Avertical World, I was worried I had forgotten everything Sally had taught me at my previous session, I mean, I know she had taught me, ehhhh ‘stuff’ but do you think I could remember it?

We started off with the traverse that I had attempted the previous time, oh my god, I managed to get waaaay further than the previous session, this was exciting.  My movements flowed better and I definitely felt more confident putting weight into my feet.  At the first session, I had found it really difficult to get my head around putting all my weight onto what seemed like the smallest area possible on my foot, I mean we are practically talking about my big toe – how the hell is that meant to hold all of me?!  I kept trying to put more of my foot onto the holds but I just kept slipping off and Sally patiently and repeatedly explained I would just keep slipping off, that it was about using the correct areas of the shoe and using your toes.

We tried a few new routes, which I often had to get Sally to show me so that I could get an idea of what I was doing, as a newbie, I was finding it real hard to actually ‘see’ the path of movement.  But when Sally completed the problems she made it seem effortless, moving in such an effortless way, as we see in people who are incredibly confident in their abilities and movements.  She was able to twist and manoeuver next to the wall in a way that made it seem that she had loads of space, she had exactly the same as myself and I swear I was trying to constantly move in the tinest box EVER!

We returned to the problem I had gotten my teeth into last time and I really found it far easier, it wasn’t such a challenge exciteddogmentally and most of all I got my foot onto that tiny little foot hold that seemed to escape me.  Damn I conquered it, I managed to hold in my excitement just, it was ready to burst out of my chest!

There is alot to be said for going away from a new activity, allowing your mind and body to take on board the lessons learnt in a non-pressurised way, I came today and really noticed a difference in my movement, my confidence and simply the amount of energy required to do exactly the same as the week before.  Sally was fantastically patient, explaining whenever necessary in a way that was easy to understand, not only that but she was able to re-inforce what she was saying in a practical way.  This made it real easy to connect what she was saying.

This made my day Sally, thank you!



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