My most Embarrassing Placing,

I had two events, if you like, this weekend. The first one was to support my team at the final of the Chequered Flag Duathlon series, series 3 at Knockhill Racing Circuit.  I was attending in my work capacity, taking part as a support, this is not really my type of event but great for a wee change.  Then today I had the Angus HAM at monikie park, this one was for me.  Unfortunately, I have been feeling worse for wear all week and this weekend was not well-timed,  I also noticed I have been saying this alot recently.  It highlighted for me that my work-life balance is a little skewed, I have a habit of always putting work first, placing my clients needs above my own.  I have worked to re-dress that balance this weekend and moving forward – everyday is a school day folks!

Chequered Flag Duathlon Series 3

After a week of glorius sunshine, there was foreboding as the weather forecast left alot to be desired, but lucky as we are it could have been far worse.  There was a delay to the start due to the weather interferign with track events, from the cafe, we could see what looked like heavy sleet/ rain coming down, to the point you couldn’t really see out the windows, with it clearing the track tannoy was being bounced around by the wind.  Alex had suggested we cycle round the off-road route during this time, aye RIGHT! 🙂 sorry Alex haha

All of a sudden we were off, neither Karen nor I had taken it too seriously, we moved around to keep warm but probably not enough to completely warm-up.  Difficult after such a long wait to start.  We started with 2 laps of the track which was ideal, but had its challenges with the wind tunnel that was created on the back corners of the track.  Putting it politely ‘ I was blowing out my ass’ by the time it came to getting on the bike.

The off-road section was nighta nd day compared to the series 2 off-road section, despite the rain we had had it was much harder under the tyres, making it easier to gain traction.  Onto the track for the final 5 laps, this is where it really made a difference many of the guys taking part had 2 bikes with them, a mountain bike and a road bike.  When you compare this to Karen and I on our mountain bikes – eeek, it didnt bode well.  Again, we were hit by the wind and I swear the wall of wind became stronger with every lap of the track.  I was ecstatic to finish, biking is not my forte!  I waited for Karen and went around the final lap with her, ‘no-one gets left behind!’.

There were only 3 females there on Saturday, so inevitably we would all place, this is where my title came from, there were prizes for 1st female and 2nd female and the same for the males.  Now, let me explain, despite this being a placing I know I would never have achieved had any other females been there, the key point I reminded myself was that I showed up and took part.  This is what I would tell my friends and my clients, I am no different and therefore deserve the placing.

Karen I am happy to say also took a prize of a bottle of vodka for super-vet category.  I think she felt less embarrassed by this prize, eh Karen 😉  This race of the series was the one more oriented toward duathletes and triathletes, as it has to be said were the other races in the series.  It was mainly folks from triathlon clubs that were signed up or at least those who take part in this type of event.  That is a bit of a shame as it is a great cross-training event and great for doing something different!  Would be great to see more folks of all abilities signing up to next duathlon that is run by Chequered Flag.

On a final note, the marshalls were fantastic!  They cheered and motivated us all round the track on what must have been rubbish conditions for spectators.

Angus HAM

Day 2 of the weekend, I dithered were to take part in this half marathon as I didn’t want to make myself worse.  My competitive nature won out, I knew I would be massively disappointed not to take part.  I set some goals and parameters to help me come out of this without negatively impacting my health.  It actually worked within a larger plan that I needed to cover the distance for my marathon training, so to keep me fairly up to date, I was concentrating on the larger picture.

This means for the first time, I wasn’t concentrating on finishing time, it was all about simply covering the distance.  I also know well what I am like, competitiveness does overtake me, so I set some goals to achieve within the race/ run itself.

1.  Maintain my posture throughout the whole race.  Losing this would tell me I had pushed too hard and was tiring through my core.

2.  Stay relaxed throughout the whole run, tension would demonstrate I was pushing too hard.

3.  Stay within my comfort zone, keep my breathing nice and regular.

I was happy to say I met all 3 goals and really held it together not to sprint the finish, just jogging through.  This was a very successful run for me.  In a completely different way to that which I would normally define a successful run,  I would also normally be massively disappointed in my time.  These are the very principals that I try to teach to my clients and it felt good to embrace them and use them to help me achieve my goals.  To end, it is not always pushing the limits 100% of the time, often we go out looking to beat our PBs or abilities every single time.  It is not possible, sometimes we must consolidate and consider the circumstances.

Again, year in, year out the Angus HAM is a well run, smooth race.  The marshalls were great, a big mention must go to the marshall at the mile 8 marker.  He was brilliant, a loud, encouraging voice, just what you needed moving into the tough last quarter of the race!

Mission achieved!

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