Hey there folks,


Thanks for visiting my page, really appreciate it!

Im Louise, Im based up in here Bonny Scotland!  I created this page to chart my progress as a OCR racer mainly but more generally I think as something I can look back on to reflect on achievements, how to improve, where to go next.  Especially on those days where I am not feeling the love for training for whatever reason!


I am a qualified personal trainer and have been running my own PT business for a little over 6 years (http://www.louisept4u.co.uk/), time flies!  So, to say I have days where I can’t be bothered training is like blasphemy!  Oh, and there is that little word – ‘can’t’!  Now for any current, previous or future clients who come to work with me, I didnt actually say I cant do something, just that I have alittle barrier.  Once you have started working with me or have worked with me, these last few sentences ALL make sense.


I started running approximately in 2012 after I damaged my leg playing rugby for Kirkcaldy Rugby Ladies.  Unfortunately, this put me in a really bad place, I actually thought I was going to have to give up exercise.  Not so bad, some will say but for me, a devastating consideration.  Exercise and being active are a major part of my life and always will be, it helps me deal with the stresses of my life, of work and all of a sudden, running is where I can organise my thoughts and my life.  It is remarkable how easily it happens when out running.

Running was the only activity, particularly in the initial period that my leg would tolerate to some degree, let me be clear – I HATED, HATED, running!  But I was willing to work on that if it meant I could be active.  So before being able to my first mile in any sensible or even complete it, I knew I needed a goal.  Its the only way I know that would motivate me to get out the door and stick with something I disliked and it needed to be really inspiring and scary.


Its what all those pictures say isnt it?   If it doesnt scare you, its not worth doing?  Well, I set my goal to run the WHW – West Highland Way, 96 miles in one day.  As part of the race.  I have been waylaid on my path with an operation and other exciting activities, in comes the obstacle racing.  But its okay I haven’t forgotten and its never far from my mind.


It will be done and I will do it to the VERY best of my ability.  Until then, please feel free to read my posts of races, training experiences and such like.  If you would like to comment, again feel free but please be nice 😉


Good luck folks! Lou 🙂


‘It is not the mountain we must conquer, but ourselves.’




One thought on “About

  1. Good luck Louise , we are all thinking of u at the cafe , if anybody can do it it’s u 💪🏼💪🏼, not sure if iv found the right link to follow u , but u go girl x

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