Ending on a Fail?

It kinda feels like an omen for 2017 doesnt it?!

It is always my hope that what I have been doing helps someone, one person is enough to make a difference.  One person impacts the people around them, the knock-on or domino effect.  As for the Marathon des Sables, many ask why should people pay for me to go and have fun, to go and do events I wouldn’t normally afford.  This is about so much more than running in events, it is raising the profile, raising awareness of a charity/charities and some monies.  It is doing something that some see as impossible, a massive stretch to the human body.

Without the support of those who have donated, given their time, their conscious effort to make a difference and to help I would not have gotten as far as I did.  It is with great sadness and a feeling of letting others down, of failing my charities, that I say I did not manage to secure sufficient funds to attempt this challenge – #80degrees.  However, I am very grateful to the sponsors for trusting me to secure the funds to enter the event in January 2018 – I have a goal.

In addition to my friends, clients and those sponsors, a big mention must go to Vickie Saunders.  Vickie is behind The Sponsorship Consultants, they work with individuals such as myself and but also many top level athletes.  Vickie has been instrumental in shaping my perspective on sponsorship.  She has shown me and illustrated that all is not as it seems.    You do not have to be the winner of every race, you do not need to be or have to be a household name to secure sponsorship.  Vickie has taught me a huge amount about connecting with teh right people, that everyone has worth and connects with others, thank you!

#80degrees (My name for the challenge) was meant to be my next challenge to further raise awareness of the fantastic work carried out by DAMH (Dundee Association for Mental Health) and SAMH (Scottish Association for Mental Health).

These two events are run by David Scott through his company Sandbaggers – check them out if you are looking for something different. An 80 degree turnaround!

Running through the Namibian desert in +40 degrees with a second marathon at -40

degrees in Outer Mongolia.  The mental strength, capacity and determination to do these types of challenge mimics real life.  My experience in the Sahara is testament to this.  I have tried to ultilise and speak of my own experiences with mental health to demonstrate that those who face these challenges do not always fall into the stereotypical ideas that society has.

Mental health challenges and welbeing affects people from all walks of life.  We bounce back and sometimes we don’t so quickly (By the way this is not a reach out – Im all good).

I have much to keep me busy in the coming year, so this is a failure?

No, it is an opportunity to grow, refelct, evaluate and improve my approach to come back stronger and more knowledgeable.  If you would like to keep up to date, I will endeavour to be better at posting my blogs.  I am being published by Positively Scottish so keep an eye out on there also.

Whats coming up:

My Marathon des Sables experiences

My prep for #80degrees

Training for the West Highland Way (June 2017)

Deadwater (July – Aug 2017)

Finally but by no means least, a huge THANK YOU to my sponsors who have stayed on board to ensure we can continue to raise the profile of DAMH and SAMH.

Heal Physiotherapy                                                  Carol S & Kay L and many more fundraising

Bloc eyewear                                                               Murroes Primary School

Icebug UK/                                                                   Running Sisters Tayside

Clarks Bakery                                                             Henrys Coffee House

The Gas Technology Partnership Ltd.





Women Run Strong – Great Event!


What better day to post this blog than International Women’s Day!  A post on an event called Women Run Strong!!  Think about that for a second, what do those words mean to you?  All the positives, the supportive environment, lacking judgement or pressure, first or last – all supported, no timing – ‘Just Run’

I hope you all had a lovely Mothers day on Sunday?  Including all of you lovely ladies who may not be mothers!!  I loved hearing about all the races that took place, I was over in Edinburgh for 2 reasons:

Support clients who were running Women Run Strong Edinburgh run. (As a personal trainer)

Support my sponsor Women Run Strong in their first Edinburgh run.

I arrived in Edinburgh in the safe hands of Shauna and Daniel, our key supporter!!  We headed into The Crowne Plaza in Edinburgh, well, this was like no other run registration I have ever been to.  Very civilised – brilliant – but also very relaxed!  Avril who runs Women Run Stong has done a fantastic job of creating a community with the facebook group for those signed up to run, you get to know faces, names and whats happening with the run.

This is ideal, I know many of you will agree, it can be pretty intimidating turning up at a race event on your own.  Not here, you knew faces, everyone incredibly welcoming.  Not only that water, tea and the best – biscuits available to munch.  You can tell I am sold already haha.  Sign-up was an easy affair, we then waited on the rest of the crew to appear.

12799071_1710395169172525_4538943199466152473_nNot only that but you’ll never guess who I managed to run into – Cathy from  The Art of Communication! Wonderful to be a part of her 6th event out of the 50 planned this year!  Here is the epitome of ‘Women Run Strong’, I always think its nice to run i12806103_1096537113745035_2572782224698782507_nnto people you know at events.  Not only that I got to meet people I have been communicating with on social media.  I love making new friends!

I was lucky enough to meet Lucja, who has run in the Marathon des Sables previously AND is going back this year.  Nice to know I’ll know someone out there.  I think I picked her brains, well and truly, it was a revelation to be honest (Ill keep that for another time).  We were then led down to the start line, a very short walk away at the base of Arthurs Seat.


Wow! We had an amazing day for our run, there was no pressure on this run and I already knew I wanted to push but at the same time I had been nursing a sore back all week and didnt want to cause myself any further issues.  But also, I already knew I’d be stopping to take pictures along the way and wanted to talk with folks.  I honestly felt sluggish in this run, quite possibly my lack of exercise all week.  The views were simply – Outstanding!  We could not have had a better day for todays run, the sun shone, you could see for miles, the company was fantastic – I spoke with so many women today.  All different levels and experience.  The marshalls were massively encouraging and really brought a smile to your face as you rocked up and either gave you a jelly baby or some water and encouraged you on your way.

Did I say the views were spectacular?  Just in case you wondered .  .  .  . so were the hilly sections hahaha!  Phew, I now know why there was a massage included in your cost.  We all supported each other and stomped on, after the most dramatic of hills it became more undulating but still hilly.  I am not sure even I am making sense here.  I spoke with a lovely lady who said that despite the fact she trained around Arthurs Seat, she had in fact not been on the trails we covered, so a real positive there.  I can see this would have been a harder route in wet conditions.

A run out back to the hotel entrance, where I managed a wee sprint race with a fellow runner to finish well – always good, maybe.  And the prosecco, oh the prosecco!  What better way to finish the run than to be welcomed back with a glass of the bubbly stuff.12794416_1096537653744981_3411775268710125603_n

Quick sip, passed to Avril (I think she is still saving this for me 😉 )off I went back for my crew.  Louise’s PT 4 U motto – ‘NO-one gets left behind’.  This has been a long held motto an done I am very proud of.  Everyone of the girls did well today, for some their first run, we had 2 in the 5km and 2 of us did the 10km.  We did well and supported each other – the important part.

Are you getting what Women Run Strong is about? If not, why not pop over to the website or Women Run Strong facebook  or even come along to one of their runs!  Don’t just take my word for it, I asked my clients for some feedback, here’s what they said –

‘I’ve just completed the Women’s Run Strong 10km run in Edinburgh today. My first trail run and something I thought this time last year was beyond my physical reach. The event was beautifully organised, Avril and her team were superb from the swift registration to the jelly babies stop,  the excellent marshalls and the prosecco and massage waiting at the end. It was a tough run with killer hills but the views from the top were just spectacular well worth the effort. Another stand out factor was the team spirit amongst the runners, everyone actively encouraging and supporting each other. A run I would certainly do again.’ (Pauline A)

‘Women Run Strong? Well, on Sunday I think I was only hopeful of achieving 1/3 of those!! And even then only just!!

Having initially signed up for the 10k I could have easily pulled out as training in January & February was a non event. But I didn’t! Knowing that a buff, a glass of bubbly and a massage were also signed up to, I swallowed my pride and decided I would at least venture out on the 5k – that had to be easier than the unprepared for 10k? Yes? Hmm … I’m not sure!!

For someone who likes jogging on a flat tarmac route with a strong tailwind … what greeted me was something quite different!! The words “trail” and “hill” were order of the day!!! I think “brutal” best describes what I was muttering as I WALKED slowly up the 150m steep ascent to a fabulous view across Edinburgh! Waiting for me at the top was Shauna … a huge smile on her face cheering me on! And the view was spectacular!!

We crossed the finish line together … even managing a wee sprint to the tray of bubbly!! At 6.3k it is safely the longest (and hardest) 5k I have ever run … or run a bit of anyway!!! I’m not even sure it was easier than the 10k … but I wasn’t going to test that theory out when it got to the “10k that way / 5k this way” point! With a leg massage now firmly in my sights the 5k route was the only way home for me! Once again, if it hadn’t been for Shauna, I don’t think the leg massage would have happened for me as the queue was long and the clock was ticking on me having to get back to Dundee! But it happened and I got home with minutes to spare!

Anyway, asides how brutal I felt the run was and how underprepared I was … it was a fabulous event … location, people, massage, friendly faces, give aways and doing it with a wee crew of people who really don’t leave you behind (even when you would be quite happy to be left behind to find a flat route home!).

It was genuinely a lovely morning … a very relaxed gathering of women joining together to have a good time … from walkers to hard core runners … some idiot even ran with a bright yellow 8kg back pack on and looked like she was wearing about 20 layers of clothes – I’m sure I overheard her asking where the nearest sand dune was!? You see them all at these events, you really do!’ (Nicola R – I was ggoing to cut this down but actually, it gives you context and the reality of the day).

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Chequered Flag Series 2 Duathlon

1501299_759047394203267_8311287623378255292_o At the end of a busy week, if I am being completely honest this was the last thing I wanted to be doing.  I was shattered and hadn’t trained all week, recovering from Tough Guy The Original 2015.

But my best mate had said I ‘better not pull out’ after many of the rest of the team had pulled out.  So naturally and just as I had been telling clients and TMT competitors, help each other be accountable.  Be that positive friend, support each other to achieve more.  I am so glad we went!


This was incredibly different from the series 1,  we knew this was to be the cross-country event as it were, but little did we realise what we had let ourselves into.  For me, this was a fun event, one that I signed up to do to support the team I had entered.  Without the pressure of trying to really drive, its been great fun, just taking it all in and interacting with others.

Registration was smooth as could be and it was great to see some of the Alloa bootcamp crew (fellow Tough Guy competitors)  who were marshalling.  We prepped and set up the bikes and did something that resembled a highly inadequate warm-up.  Yes, I know shocking, this should highlight where my head was at.  But I was there and that was the main thing.  Again, everyone looked very serious, however, it was their sport – Triathlon – Duathlon.  Well equipped, wearing all the right clothing and there to do well amongst their peers.  Nevertheless, this is not to say it was only those who were serious about the event.  It was a very friendly race, everyone chatting and encouraging each other.  Shouts from the sides from those who knew you and those who don’t is always vital I think to help push you on when you are feeling tired.


We lined up in front of the Knockhill Race track lights . . .  then we were off.  I felt heavy-legged and stiff, not surprising but it still felt great to get out there and run.  It didn’t take long to run.  It is definitely an undulating course that had some tough hills which take it out the legs before you realise it.


Twice around the race track before getting to the bikes.  Despite the fact it was cross-country series, we still had the heaviest and potentially most beginner type bikes for want of a better description, for this event.  I hadn’t been on my bike for some time, potentially even going back to the Coast to Coast/ last duathlon.  As soon as I started the first lap of the route I knew it was going to be pretty daunting, the tracks were really muddy and you constantly felt like you were sliding laterally . . . .  not even sure if it was my imagination or actually I was?????


The cycle route itself was 5 laps of an off-road circuit – tough – very tough! Lots of inclines, twists and turns, which for those of us that don’t spend much time on a bike, is pretty tricky.  You think you are trying to go one way but end up sliding in another direction.  I was very proud to say I didn’t have to get off and push once, not once on the tricky off-road climb.  The grooves and tracks, which I thought would make it easier actually made it harder to get a constant cycle going.  Coming back around to complete my first lap, I actually felt physically sick and believe I may have swore alot.  I couldn’t see much as the mud sprayed my face.        10923709_759041674203839_8392248298838804033_o

5 Laps later, I have never been so glad to get on the running section.  It was the final lap of the track and it appeared that practically everyone had finished already from the bikes missing in the hanger.

The legs were protesting at having to run the last lap but I managed to get into a good groove and plug it out.  It was great!  Felt good to cross the finish line!




10974396_759047117536628_5453247315634808356_o                                        10960100_759047114203295_563428363493618495_o

Naturally, I supported my fellow teammate and bestie round her last lap – ‘No-one gets left behind’.  Massive well done to Karen, I know she found it tough and daunting at points but she never gave up.  That is the right attitude!


The marshalls at this event were simply fantastic, the weather was on our side, everything was smoothly run making this event very simple and easy to take part in!

Highly recommend series 3 folks:


100 Mile Challenge – The Cotswolds Way – Day 3 & 4

Day 3

It has been a while since I have been posting to my blog, simply because life, work, training all took over.  So the final installment of my 100 Mile Challenge, my big charity run is now here.  I have chosen to combine the last 2 days for reasons which will become apparent.  .  .  .  .

We woke on day 3 to what can only be described as torrential rain, a continuation of the weather we had run to our tents to sleep in.  I opened my eyes to the calming sound of rain bouncing of my tent but un-nervingly it was also causing my lining of my tent to stick to the outside sheet.  It was a case of pile on a load of clothes and run for breakfast.

At breakfast it was really quite inspiring to see so many folks brushing off the difficulties they had faced the previous day after hearing the stories told by Jamie McDonald(http://jamiemcdonald.org/).  Check out his website, pretty awesome guy!  I was not one of these people, a tired head maybe, I was sore, aching, hobbling when I walked. Lots of us were trying to get out early envisaging it being another awful day but purely due to the weather we were about to face.  The storm had finally found us!

The staff as always were incredibly helpful and cheery despite the weather.  I headed off at a weary pace while I could move well and actually felt like I found my rhythm quickly and it was back onto the trail.  We ran through a wooded area and onto a golf course, it actually felt at oints like you were running through a river, massive puddles, golfers with their huge brollies.  The rain was simply drumming down and I had to really pay attention as I felt it was difficult to work out your direction as the markers seemed few and far.

At some point the rain eased and it felt very mild, soaked through I began to enjoy myself, the cooling effect of the rain had really worked for me.  I clearly needed to get used to running in the mild heat.  Now this day I remmeber vividly because, well, I had to deal with the delicate matter of needing the toilet .  Of course I was, as mentioned soaked to the skin.  Now we all know there is nothing worse than hauling doon wet knickers for a piddle in the underbrush, actually praying, YES, I was praying that no-one would appear on the path from either end as they would have a clear view of me in all my glory!  NOT a pretty sight I have to tell you.  Not only that I managed to sting my arse on the nettles, aye not the best.  It was a now or never moment but on the other hand there was never going to be a never moment.


This day by far felt and was the shortest, I arrived at the camp along with several others ahead of the expected time. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed day 3 way more, I think because of the coolness of the day and the weather, true scots.


I felt alot better after my run today, my legs had eased, it felt good, yes I ached but who wouldn’t after taking on this.  But I was tired, all through my run I had gone over and over the order I would do things when I got into camp.  Then I would re-think it, and again, and again.  It changed as soon as I arrived in camp for numerous reasons outside of my control and the best way forward?   Sleep!





Day 4




Day 4 was a strange day with the weather going on and off all day, now I mean ALL day!  I would leave each checkpoint dry and become soaked.  I started the day talking to myself over and over, giving myself a pep talk.  I had packed my bag, unpacked, re-packed it and repeat.  This was the longest day but also our final day.


There was a slight deviation to the route, this was fine, my mantra today was – ‘Do not get lost, do not get lost’.  In fact I had several, ‘keep going Louise’, everytime I passed an acorn, for some reason unknown to myself, ‘Carry on sir’ with a chuckle to myself.  Its the little things that keep us going.  For alot of today I would be on my own, with groups of folks in front or behind me to some degree.  Again, some incredible scenery, along the way.  I passed sections with telephone wires overhead, I swear they sounded like sizzling bacon!  I had a few dodgy moments on day 4, a few wobblers, I had to steady myself.


In fact coming up toward the half way checkpoint, I believe I lost myself for a period, almost got myself run over but I was still going.  Not intentional of course, it was a really bad section of road where cars flew round the corner, one minute clear, the next not.  It was a bad period in the run.  My head went down for a while, a long while it seemed.  I was working on, for example, checkpoint 1 out of 4, then 2 out of 4 = half way.  There was also a very long section I had to count down the miles on that section also.  I had to keep it in my head so that I was always, where feasible, I was making progress and winning.  It was tough, reall tough, I began to start hurting.  And then . . . . . .



I came to the bottom of a field and looked up, I couldn’t see another post but I could see loads and loads of cows!  All paths led to the cows, so off I went, only to find they were all hanging about at my next gate, hahah.  This cheered me up no end, while we eye-balled each other wondering who was moving.  Well I decided I wasnt spending all day witing and no one was appearing behind me to save me, damsel in distress style.


This has to be one of my greatest feats to date.  To be able to push my own boundaries and combine this with raising funds for a local charity which is using physical activity to help their users is simply an amazing feeling!  I dont want to give too much away for those doing this in the future.  But without doubt I would highly recommend it!  As a runner I found it diffiuclt to adjust my mindset from a competitive one, but there was great banter from staff and fellow runners alike.  However, it is alittle dangerous – major discussion point is other races.

I had to dig deep to do this and complete my chosen task, remembering that so many people believed in me, they had sponsored me to complete this.  The more I focused on this the more determination and grit I was able to take from it and keep pushing.  Have  alook at my pictures, pop any comments or questions below and Ill get back to as many as I can.


Finally, I would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to every single person who sponsored me, who text me and motivated me and encouraged me.  For my feel good package I recieved on my return because I was full of the cold from day 3, simply to everyone who took the time to support and help me in any way.  I cant say how much I appreciate it.


































Facing Up in Aviemore . . in more ways than one!



The weekend of the 12th of October saw a few of us, friends/ clients head over to Aviemore for the 10km/ half marathon race.  I haven’t entered this race for some time for personal reasons but decided this was the year when I saw that a friend was looking for volunteers to head over and make it a laugh.   I decided I could conquer my demons this time, lots of distraction combined with running – the best way I know to relax the stressed mind.  I signed up quickly before I could change my mind.  I was going with the aim of getting that PB that had eluded me at the Dundee Half Marathon after I had to give first aid to a young lad.  Which was naturally a choice I would make EVERY single time, the fact of the matter is that there was no choice.


The drive up was epic, in that we had all sorts of music, wind ups, a stop of for the ‘cloakrooms’, yes not toilets – we had entered a new world.   The views, as always on this drive, were simply captivating.  It just makes you want to take it all in, I was alittle apprehensive heading up to Aviemore, it holds alot of personal memories as I mentioned, some of which I have in the past struggled to deal with.  But as I have said I felt it was time to face them and I do love Aviemore, I was heading up with a group that would easily distract me 😉


I really feel alive as I head up into this area of Scotland, being close to the hills, out in the proper fresh, clean air, there’s something about it all that makes me feel invigorated.   Being surrounded by people who want to be active is brilliant!


Getting into Aviemore, there was alot of traffic, people were clearly arriving in their droves. Unfortunately, it was while we were in Aviemore, that I was literally sucker punched.  The chances of a face from my past being in Aviemore the same weekend I had decided to venture up had to be minimal, so I hadn’t expected it.  This was to throw a cloud over my weekend but I dug deep to see past this and not let it change the weekend.


Gareth from The Cairn Hotel in Carrbridge was fantastic, with brilliant customer service, he arranged for us to stay at a local self-catering  apartment, The Old School House, due to another group extending their stay.  It was 5 star and amazing, we were in our element and not least because the 3 of us staying there enjoyed rubbing in the fact that we had a hot tub to the rest of the group.

Oh yes!  But the most endearing aspect of it all was the 3 goats, hahaha, as Tornado would say -‘Its all about the V.’IMG_0904.JPG

Registration for the event was flawless, check out your name on the boards, head for your numbered table to collect your envelope and, if you were a sponsored entry, an Aviemore buff.  In the registration room at the MacDonald hotel was also a route map to confirm any queries, the helpers were friendly and fantastic!  Run4It had a mini shop set up and had lots of perfect kit for the run (hopefully no last minute purchases for untested kit) and as I have always found, great customer service.

We all met up at registration with some hilarious events – knew I would be distracted if only for moments at a time!! Visits to the toilets had turned out to be eventful.  We headed for food which was outstanding, lots of serious preparation for our runs the following day as you can see from theses pictures . . . . .


Some of the guys, headed off for a few more drinks after dinner while the three of us headed back to The Old School House.  Rolling galore to loosen of the tight muscles from our long travel that day.  I have to thank the facebook page ‘I love Foam Rolling’, they provided me with a roller to take away and use – brilliant.  Naturally, I shared this with my friends, important to share these benefits!


painful rolling         IMG_0912-0.JPG

(This is not me, however, aptly demonstrates the kind of faces I regularly witness and I am sure pull)


Our sleep patterns are massively important to our bodies ability to recover and prepare for our events. There is some research that sleep can affect the body’s ability to replenish our glycogen stores, affect focus, energy stores and recovery from hard workouts.  Unfortunately, my sleep was affected by reflection on the days events.  I hadn’t been able to let them go.

IMG_0891.JPG           IMG_0893.JPG

(This was our amazing view that we woke to on the Sunday morning, seriously, what more could you want to see!)

This meant I was not as organised as usual before my race, we headed into Aviemore to get the bus to the race start.  It was getting super busy but the buses were moving efficiently and promptly.  Great system!  The race was at Rothiemurchus, again a beautiful area, a very necessary toilet queue.  The cold morning air just added to this need, it was stunning, the rest of the group had joined us, fully rested after their eventful night.  I was very nervous, worried I would bump it that familiar face, how would I deal with this event should it occur, what would I say – lots of scenarios went through my head like a revolving door with no escape.

IMG_0894.JPG                                                   IMG_0895.JPG

We were separated into our distance lines, this is where it gets even more nerve-wracking.  We are then walked along to the start area to the sound of a piper.  It was a fantastic morning, perfect weather for the run, crisp, dry and the sun was out.  I was worried that I would not be focused sufficiently to hit my PB target but all I could do right now is put one foot in front of the other and concentrate on the here and now.  At this moment I started listening to the people around me, one gentleman was discussing the disadvantages of buying new kit at the Run4It store and wearing them on race day, I had a wee chuckle to myself.


IMG_0896.JPG                                                            IMG_0897.JPG

In previous years the start had taken a wee while but we were off before I knew it.  Out along the forest track, curving through the forest. We were into an incline fairly quickly, the path was fairly rocky, loose stones underfoot and it wasn’t long before I saw a guy roll his ankle on a stone in front of me.  I think I actually exclaimed out loud, before running around him, but fair play he carried on.  (Damn it – I had worn too many layers, something I repeatedly advise my own runners about but often struggle with decision wise myself.)  I know this feeling, we then went into a downhill section.  This carried on for the next 6 miles, the most difficult sections for the half marathon runners are these start line – 6.5 miles.  This is the best I had ever felt on these hils but I felt my right glute tightening gradually but I was on target for my PB, I had to keep going.  It might loosen off and let me push it out as it had at the Edinburgh half marathon.  I utilised the downhill sections, arms out to help my balance and hugging the corners.  One girl spoke to me as we headed down the best downhill section and said that I was helping her with my pace but it was kicking my ass – LITERALLY!

The views really kept driving me forward, I love it!  The view of Loch Morlich with the sun glistening on the surface was amazing!  Lots of memories came flooding back as I ran this route, in some ways great and in others – not so great.  Important to focus on where the run is, the enjoyment of being in the surroundings that I was in, the beauty of the area, the people I was surrounded by, the fact I was there and able to run.

Gradually, I felt my glutes tighten and my leg became stiff.  It became difficult to move my leg forward and I began to limp/ run, I clamped down on that quickly as that would just lead me to more problems.  But as the race progressed I my hip then tightened up and started causing me no end of issues, I really had to push hard when I had hit the road section.  I had to dig really deep, concentrating on my technique, fighting for every step.  As I kept going I could feel my PB slipping away, frustratingly out of my reach, I nearly gave up on it, then I would kick myself up the ass and tell myself that wasn’t good enough, keep going.  Lots of the guys were out running today, aiming to do their best.  Now it was my turn, I had to do my best, my best means not giving up.

As we crossed the road to come under the railway bridge, I was really hurting by this point and I rounded the corner to hear, ‘Get your ass up the hill!!’ hahaha what a welcome sound, Lesley, a very longstanding client was there!!  She certainly knew how to get you moving.  She was there to support her cousin which is great but nevertheless I know we all found her words of motivation perfect at that time and location.  Then Pat was there with the pup, quietly cheering us on.  This was enough to pick me up, then over to the final stretch and I could hear clients shouting my name at various points and all of a sudden all I could think was, keep pushing the legs.

That was it, it was all over, incredibly sore, but I was keen to find everyone without moving too much.  The crew all did amazingly well!!  I love seeing people out there achieving their goals and pushing beyond what they initially thought were their limits.  New ones were created that day, new boundaries to once again defy.  The guys took part in some full body stretching, others attempting (yes I said attempting, to replicate some taught moves).



This is a well run race, the marshalls are simply superb, high 5’s along the way to lift the spirits.  Supporters are fantastic, not justthose who know your name but every single person that claps you onwards and wishes you good luck is amazing.  Well done every single person who is involved in the organisation of a fantastic event.  In addition, all the many runners, who take part.  Thank you.



My weekend finished on a high, where Tornado and I walked the forest trails around Carrbridge, taking in the scenery.  Had a fantastic meal at The Cairn Hotel, this was a very welcoming pub with great food.  We then headed back to the the luxury that was our 5 star accomodation.  We hit the hot tub for some well earned relaxation and recovery . . . . . .  one word – fabulous!


A brilliant weekend, if somewhat tainted by my own personal battles.  But you can not deny we truly live in a beautiful and spectacular part of the world.  We simply have to open our eyes and our hearts to appreciate it!


IMG_0903.JPG                                                                              IMG_0906-0.JPG